What are the steps and process for optimizing a website with NytroSEO?

What are the steps and process for optimizing a website with NytroSEO?

How does the process work?

Utilizing advanced AI based technology, NytroSEO automatically and continually optimizes websites code by adding the relevant meta-tags & meta data to each page, based on its content and the optimal Keyword search terms.

Process overview

Add or choose the website you want to optimize

1. Add your Keywords

Adding Keywords can be done intuitively, or using Keyword Research tools

2. AI Automation Setup

A short automation setup will allow you to provide more inputs to NytroSEO AI automatic metadata-tag creation.
Completing the setup will significantly improve the quality of the generated metadata-tags , however its not mandatory and the pages can be optimized even if the setup is not completed.

3. Crawl and Analyse Webpages

All website pages are crawled, analysed and scored. Each page is assigned with the most relevant Keyword search terms

4. Analyse and score all Keywords

All Keyword search terms are analysed and scored. Each Keyword is assigned to the most relevant webpage and is used to create the most optimal metadata-tags.

5. Generate optimized metadata-tags & sentences

6. Add optimized metadata-tags to webpage code

Website pages are Automatically SEO optimized by Injecting the optimized meta tags & description into each specific webpage code

Optimized Search Results Snippet for the specific web page

The optimization process creates highly optimized search snippet relevant to the Keyword search terms and the page content


Optimized Search snippet!
Optimized on page meta tags, descriptions, alts
Correlating Keyword search terms with the web page content, metadata and search snippet.
Compliance with Search Engine best practice and Google latest Helpful Content Update (HCU) 


Improving User Search Intent and Experience 
Reducing Bounce Rate (BR)
Increasing Click Through Rate (CTR)
Improving SERP ranking

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