NytroSEO Product Introduction

NytroSEO Product Introduction

NytroSEO Introduction

Everyone wants to be on first page positions.

SEO techniques are used for improving your websites positions in organic (none paid) search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques used for improving the online visibility, and search results positions of websites in a search engine’s. SEO ensures search engines can understand the website, its content, and whether it is relevant for a specific users search query (Organic/Non-paid). SEO includes both on-page, and off-page techniques, both are relevant and usually done in parallel

Most searchers, will not scroll past the first few pages.  Statistics  shows that 75% of people will not even scroll past the first page. It is therefore crucial to be able to have good SERP ranking in the first few search results pages to attract traffic to your website.

Search Engine first page position

The challenge: Most of On-page SEO work is traditionally done manually by skilled specialists and SEO Service Agencies

SEO work is very costly and time consuming
A skilled SEO specialist would typically use multiple analytical tools to determine how to optimize the pages, and then manually login to the  CMS, to optimize and write SEO optimized content for each relevant page element!

SEO analytic tools

These are analytic tools mostly used to provide information to the SEO operator.  The operator then needs to manually open each webpage, write and add the optimized metadata-tags, descriptions, ALTS text in multiple places in each page...

The solution: Using AI Technology, NytroSEO automatically and dynamically optimizes website pages, better, faster and at a fraction of the traditional cost! 

Creating and optimizing webpages code with relevant and optimized SEO metadata-tags to improve websites positions in search engine results.

Nytro is ideal for SEO Service Agencies!

Additional users:
  1. Mega Websites
  2. Website Agencies & Developers
  3. Application & System Provides (e.g. CMS, Web dev) 

NytroSEO does not aim to replace an Agency’s SEO operator/specialist! Its designed to support and assist the SEO operator to automate most of the repetitive manual tasks associated with on-page SEO Metadata-tag optimization!

Nytro SEO Can potentially reduce operational costs by up to 90% 

NytroSEO Cost reduction ImpactNytroSEO Cost reduction Impact

NytroSEO Main functions

  1. Automatically creating specific metadata-tag

  2. Automatically optimizing each web-page code with the relevant optimized metadata-tags

  3. SERP Ranking for performance monitoring

Once the Keywords are added to the NYTRO system, it will automatically analyse all the factors that influence the promotional ability of all Keywords, and will automatically create intelligent metadata sentences, (e.g. Title, Description) using the most relevant Keywords for the specific webpage content.

NytroSEO generates metadata-tag and description sentences that includes the most relevant keywords search terms for the specific webpage content, creating highly relevant “title, descriptions, ALT’s and sentences

The main On-Page SEO factors/elements to optimize

On-page includes optimization of parameters and factors that are part of the web page code, characteristics and information

According to The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO in 2021 published on HUBSPOT (Jul 2021) the main on-page factors/elements include:
Page Title Tags:
  1. Meta Descriptions
  2. Image Alt-text
  3. Internal Linking
  4. Headers
  5. Page URLs
  6. Structured Markup

Example of Metadata-tags code

Optimized Meta tags  are added to the <head> section of your HTML page code

title tag <title>Page title text</title>

meta descriptions tag <meta name=“Page description text">

Image alt <"image" alt=“Image description text">

anchor text links <a href="http://website-url. com">Anchor text description of the target page</a>

NytroSEO Automatically and Dynamically optimizes the webpage code with the relevant optimized sentences (Marked in yellow)

NytroSEO Automatically generates highly optimized Metadata-Tags, Descriptions, Image Alts...

NytroSEO Support  ”Long Tail” Keywords & Topic based promotion

Longtail keywords optimization is very important since it represent a stronger user intent and convert much better.

Example Longtail Keyword:  “sports shoes for man with flat feet” 

NytroSEO system can generate metadata-tags, descriptions with mixed languages and RTL/LTR support.

This is very important when you have websites with mixed languages, for example a French website that promotes products named in English.

Platform Independent

NytroSEO creates a separate metadata-tag layer on top of the CMS data and does not make any changes to the CMS!

A small NytroSEO Snippet needs to be installed in the website Header to effect the website optimization

Robust online cloud SAAS System

NytroSEO runs on robust AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud infrastructure 

Scalable support for large numbers of websites, Keywords, and pages!

The RESULT of using NytroSEO

  1. Optimized Search snippet!

  2. Optimized on page metadata-tags, descriptions, alts…

  3. Correlating Keyword search terms with the web page content, metadata-tags, titles and search snippet.

  4. Compliance with Search Engine best practice and Google latest Helpful Content Update (HCU) 

The EFFECT of using NytroSEO

  1. Increasing Correlation to User Search Intent 

  2. Improving user positive experience 

  3. Reducing Bounce Rate (BR)

  4. Increasing Click Through Rate (CTR)

  5. Improving SERP ranking

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