Adding a Website to your account

Adding a Website to your account

Add Website - NytroSEO Video Tutorial

You may add multiple websites to your NytroSEO Account.
In this video tutorial, we will show you how to add a new website to your account. Just follow the displayed instructions.

Step By Step How to Add your website 

Add Website

Enter Website URL

Advanced Settings-  Select your search engines to monitor

You may select up to 3 search engines. You will be able to see the SERP ranking of your search terms (Keywords)

Add your search terms (Keywords)  

Initially, you may add your Keyword search terms intuitively, and refine them at a later stage, using external keyword research tools.

Automation Wizard 

The meta-data automation wizard, enables our advanced A I technology, to automatically create highly specific and targeted metadata, for each of your website pages.
Not all fields are mandatory, however, the more information you provide, the more effective will be, the meta-data generation for your website.


Add details about your "Customers" - who are the recipients / audience / customers of your website information

Add details about your "Providers" - who will provide the services, products, information to your target audience

Add details about your "Advantages" - what benefits can you offer your target audience


Summary of your Automation settings and continue

Copy and Install your optimization snippet

Once setup is completed, please copy your optimization snippet code, and refer to the installation guide, on how to add it to your website.


Let the analysis and website processing to complete

The processing time of your website, depends on your number of Keywords and pages. Our system performs complex analysis, and AI computations, to create your meta-data, please be patient, until the process is completed. You may continue after the process is completed, or watch the progress of analysis of your pages, Keywords, and meta-data.

Please note, the metadata dynamically changes during the processing.

Remember, your site metadata will not be affected until you install the optimization snippet and activate the website optimization controls.

You should review its content once the processing is completed.

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